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Frequently asked questions

How do I connect it to my internet ?

Power the device on go to the network setting where you will be able to select your network and connect to the internet.

Do I have to update my product to make sure it doesn't stop working?

No, ALL of our devices are self updating & self cleaning, meaning all maintenance is carried out on the device so you do not have to do it.

Does your products only work in the UK ?

No! they work anywhere in the world! providing there is an internet connection you can stream any content you like from anywhere in the world.

Are the Amazon Fire TV Sticks difficult to use ?

No they are very intuitive and simplistic to use, they come with instructions manuals which detail comprehensive instructions on how to use the platforms and provided features, you can also contact our support team at: Support@KodiTV.co.uk for further supprort or use our Online Chat!

Do you ship Worldwide ?

Yes, we offer international shipping on all orders.

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